If you are interested, please email us or call toll free: 1-866-691-3300 and let us know! Back to all Families

If you are interested, please email us or call toll free: 1-866-691-3300 and let us know! Back to all Families

If you are interested, please email us or call toll free: 1-866-691-3300 and let us know! Back to all Families

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Hi! We’re Brian and Joanna. We live in New York City. We feel lucky to have found each other and feel equally lucky to have the opportunity to bring a child into our home.
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Our story

We’ve been married since August 2015 and together as a couple since 2010.  We met at work. Well, actually, we worked in the same office for a year before Brian mustered up the courage to ask Joanna out on a date. Joanna swears she never noticed Brian even though they worked on the same floor! Hard to believe that the person you were going to marry was right under your nose for a whole year. Sheesh! After asking around the office “who is this Brian guy?”, and getting tons comments about how great he was, Joanna accepted.

The last 8 years have flown by! We've shared so much over that time. Having a foundation of daily fun and strong communication helped us through the challenges of job transitions, our infertility, making long term decisions about our finances and our future forever.

Our philosophy on building a family together and maintaining a healthy marriage is to stay open and always listen to each other. We don’t always want the same things at each moment, but if we listen to each other, we can better understand how to meet in the middle. We value communication, respect, transparency, and trust. 

Oh and then there's the REAL secret to our relationship - Brian's one joke a day rule. Yup Brian promised to make Joanna laugh at least once a day. He has kept his promise although we can't say that every laugh is at the punchline but rather AT his jokes - which are usually really bad - but they are SO BAD they are funny. Brian is famous for these jokes and they work PERFECTLY with kids. Needless to say we are pretty popular guests with our friends kids and our many nieces and nephews who request Uncle Brian's "stinky" jokes.

We are looking forward to the future. We would be so blessed to build a family soon. We would love to start brand new memories to add to our story. 


Brian grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. The town he lived in was was full of hard working families and small houses. His parents still live near by in another town. It’s the sort of town that has parades on 4th of July and fully decorated houses during Christmas. We visit his family 2-3 times a year and talk to them on the telephone every Sunday afternoon. Brian had a childhood filled with family parties, home cooked meals, and LOTS of sports (he played three in high school).  

Brian’s sister, husband, and three children live in the town next door to his parents. Their kids, Nicole, Melanie, and Jenna, are very close to their grandparents. Brian’s parents spend a lot of time with their grandkids. They go to school band concerts, cheerleading events, and school grandparents day. Brian's parents are SUPER DUPER excited to welcome another grandchild. 

Brian loves to read, a natural athlete, a Chicago son, left his heart in San Francisco, and a true music lover. 


Joanna grew up in Southern California. She's a big blended family. Joanna's family consists of her mom, her dad and stepmom and her two brothers and sister. Joanna is the youngest in the family, her nearest sibling is 6 years older than her. There is a ton of love in Joanna's family of the heart - which isn't always connected by blood - but by parents who stepped up to create a strong family. 

Joanna's siblings are her first BEST friends. Her grandmother told her once - hold on tight to your brothers and sister - they are the ones in the world MOST like you. Its true, they share the same history and love to laugh together - mostly at the expense of their parents. Joanna's loves her siblings dearly. They are all close. They talk regularly. Her sister has one daughter who Joanna enjoys traveling with and “showing her the world” so to speak. They dream of going to Japan together. Her stepbrother has two daughters, who are in their twenties and think its cool to have an aunt that lives in New York City. Joanna's worked hard to cultivate coolest/best aunt status and would give those girls the world if she could.

Joanna is a devoted friend, sister, and aunt. She is very loyal and loving. Joanna's passions are real estate, interior design, organizing her home, super hero movies, decorating for the Holidays, and re-creating the awesome Christmases she had as a child. 


Ok. Janey is a BIG deal. Janey is our 16 year old black lab. 

Janey is a black lab mix, very docile and sweet. She is a celebrity in our neighborhood because she is so happy to meet folks and other dogs on the street - people stop us every few feet to say hi when we are out walking. We aren’t sure that Janey will still be with us by the time we are matched with our family. Still she is important to mention because she’s such a big part of our daily life. We love her dearly and will be heartbroken when she leaves us.