Shared Adoption Stories

Below are stories submitted by those who have been touched by adoption and Adoption STAR. The date beside their name reflects the date of adoptive placement.

Erin Llewellyn
As a birth mother, Adoption Star is an amazing agency. The agency from the very beginning went above and beyond…

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Anna Steinberg
I’m not an Adoptive Parent. I’m not a Birth Parent. Who am I, then, and why am I writing this story? It was 2005, and I was 18 years old when Michele asked me to join the Adoption STAR team…

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Sue Shaw
Adoption STAR’s Birth Parent Department Supervisor Sue Shaw talks about the various ways adoption has been a part of her personal and professional life…

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Megan Semrau
My husband Jason and I had been trying to have a baby. A miscarriage, fertility treatments and then news that our odds were so horribly low that we would ever have a successful pregnancy. After grieving we made the choice to adopt. We had talked about adoption especially since Jason’s family was touched by it from a young age. I will never forget that night. My tears dried and there was hope…

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Sue Reardon
2003, 2008, 2011
It was 2002 when my husband and I first made the decision to adopt. We knew almost immediately that we would one day bring a child into our home through adoption. However, the questions of how and where and when remained until we sat in a tiny office on Niagara Falls Blvd and met with a case worker from a relatively new local adoption agency, called Adoption STAR.

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Sarah Courtney
I am a birth mother. Words I never thought I would say. I came to Adoption STAR over 7 years ago, and had no idea what to expect. To say I was afraid is an understatement. From the first phone call, the staff at STAR made me felt so comfortable. At a time in my life when I felt worthless, they made…
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Carolyn and Michael
When you have tragedy in your life, friends always seem to make the same remark: Things happen for a reason. It’s meant to be soothing, and you appreciate the sentiment. But profound or insightful, it’s not. In times of grief though, what really is there to say?

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Jennifer and Frederic Felten
We thought we were ahead of the plan, until we received the call from Zachary’s birth mother one month prior to the expected delivery! We dropped everything and took off to Indiana very early the next morning. On our way we stopped in Buffalo to meet with Sue, she was so reassuring and genuinely…
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Paulette and Sean
Life is a journey that comes with struggles as well as joys. People along the road of life add to the experiences learned. Thank you STAR for all your influences and for helping to bring our sweet completion home to us!
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Amy and Michael Cocuzzi
The wait had seemed much longer than the six weeks since our home study had been finished when we got the call asking if we’d like to be profiled for a new-born baby from Virginia. We held our breath for the next hour until we knew he was ours and we’ve been holding our hearts ever since. We have…
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Karen Abel
The day we received a call and our baby found us…..
It was the last snow storm of the year, Saturday March 8, 2008, around 3pm the phone rang. John went to pick up the phone and the caller ID showed Adoption Star. He said, “Why would Adoption Star be calling us on a Saturday?”
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Terri Miller
It seems I had waited my whole adult life to become a Mom. After struggling with infertility and discouraged by many agencies against single parent adoption – I was beginning to feel that perhaps parenthood was not to be for me.
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Glenn and Kelly Mogavero
Having married in our 40s, and in attempts to start a family, we were able conceive our son Daniel with fertility treatments. In trying to conceive another child, we were unsuccessful, and decided to follow the route of adoption.

We tried the route of private adoption for a year or so, but…
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Dana Smith
After trying for several years with fertility meds, and then finally doing in-vitro with no success, we decided we had to figure out if we wanted to remain childless, or to adopt. We decided to adopt.

After searching the Internet for agencies to help us, I really liked the Adoption Star…
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Karen Benacci
Thanks for allowing us to share our Adoption Story with you. Marc and I have been married for over 13 years. When we were first married, we knew it could be a struggle for us to conceive. We tried fertility medication for years and although I was able to become pregnant, I was not able to hold…
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Mark, Janet, Justin and Owen
Our dreams came true after a long wait and many profiling opportunities. Feeling discouraged and frustrated with the wait I called Michele Fried to discuss our profile. We had already changed it two or three times, created a DVD, and an online profile. During our conversation Michele told me they we…
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Joanne and Dave Greco
After years of waiting, my husband and I received that “phone call” on May 12th 2008 — our daughter (Jenna) had been born the previous day! I can’t even explain how we felt at that time – I honestly do not remember what was said or what I did. We decided to surprise Dave’s family but we had to…
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Rebecca Ottman
It had been almost a year since we had completed our home study and it was almost time to renew it. I started to feel like maybe we should pursue other avenues and was waiting for Sue K. to call me back regarding international adoption. It had been a few days and I was really beginning to wonder why…
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Jennifer and Tony
We are proud parents of our little girl, Evelyn.

We started our adoption process in 2008 with Adoption Star. We attended classes, special events and pursued private-track adoption. I’ll start our story about mid-way through our process – July 2009. It had been 12 months since our home…
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Lynn and Dan Syracuse
First, let me start by saying that if it wasn’t for Michele and her dedicated staff to open and start Adoption Star our family would not be a family today- We thank you and love you all, for what you have done and become. Our daughter came home to us Aug. 14 of 2000, she was born the beginning of Ju
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Yael and Yerachmiel
Our beautiful identical twin daughters came to us through Adoption STAR’s capable hands. The agency made our adoption experience wonderful, even through some bumps and unexpected turns in the road. We feel blessed and grateful to Adoption STAR and especially to Michele. Mazel tov on ten fruitful…
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Kris Palmer
2002 and 2003
My husband Bill and I had been waiting to adopt for a few months. Only recently had our local agency sent our profile to Adoption STAR. But I had gotten to the point where I dreaded hearing the phone ring….every time I did I thought – will this be THE call? Most times it wasn’t. But then one day…
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Kim and Dennis
Happy 10th Birthday, STAR!

Like most other couples, we struggled with infertility. After years of treatments and all the emotional ups and downs, we decided that adoption with right for us. In April 2007, we attended an orientation at Adoption STAR and immediately signed up for the next…
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Belinda Rowles
We adopted our son Malachi using Adoption STAR’s Agency Assisted Private Track. We are so grateful to Adoption STAR for helping us bring everything together. If it wasn’t for Sue Kolock I think we would still be in Texas or at least that is how it felt when we were there 2 year ago…
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Bonnie Will
After a long struggle with infertility, Adoption Star made all of my dreams come true. A beautiful baby girl born on November 10, 2001 changed my life in so many different ways and I will be thankful forever for her and Adoption Star. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and God Bless her…
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Cindy Bates
2000 and 2002
Like many of us, we too could not conceive children. We tried infertility treatments and so on, we then looked at adoption. We called a few agencies with unbelievable wait times, and then to our great fortune, we called Adoption Star. They were brand new with no prior adoptions and I thought maybe…
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Jessica Wallace
Finally, after nearly a year of officially waiting, we got THE phone call. On September 3, 2008 STAR called with a profile opportunity. We got very excited, as we always did when we were profiled, but something felt different. If truly felt right from the very beginning. Within a couple of hours, I…
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Mary Lou Davis
While we were waiting for our baby to be born to her birth family, I found out I was pregnant(again)! Knowing that we would be unable to raise two infants…. and also knowing that I would likely miscarry, we felt the fair thing to do would be to “decline” our profiling. Little did we know, we had…
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Dylan Tinnesz
Thank you for this opportunity to share our adoption story. It begins like many others. After struggling with infertility, we decided adoption was our best choice. We had been couple since our senior year of high school and were ready to start our family life. We found Adoption Star, completed…
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By the time my wife and I found Adoption STAR, we had been struggling with infertility for several years. Our dream of raising a family seemed like it would never come true. Back then, adoption wasn’t even on our radar. After attending an orientation at Adoption STAR, our outlook completely changed.
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Katee Cieri
Adoption STAR has impacted my life in more ways than one could imagine.

After becoming pregnant at the age of 16 I chose adoption for my birth son. I was scared and had no idea what to expect when walking in the door (and up all of those stairs at the old office!) to the agency.
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Kit and Mike
We always knew that we wanted to have children and were excited when we began our adoption journey one year ago. We were recently blessed with the arrival of our son, Thomas, who was born on March 10, 2010!

We initially enrolled with STAR’s Traditional Agency Adoption Track.
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Kenneth Wells
In June of ’07, my wife and I became aware of a Birth Mom due with a baby boy on 07-16-07. The Birth Mom met with me only some time in the middle of June. She told me that she wanted us to be her son’s parents. She was going through our profile and she told me that there were many connections…
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Jennifer Costa
My husband and I decided to adopt after a few years of trying to conceive on our own, with no luck. We attended the orientation session given by Adoption STAR with our families, and were very impressed. We submitted our application and became home study ready by the spring of 2006. Our first year…
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Suzette Forte
We always talked about adoption as part of our plan to have a family. We thought we’d pursue the biological route first and then start the adoption process. After three years of unsuccessful fertility treatments/IVF we decided to initiate our adoption plan. After investigating MANY agencies (in…
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Rosalind and Sheila
Words cannot express what a profound gift we have in our forever family. When Nejari came into our home, our lives, our heart, as a fifteen month old angel we realized how positively blessed we were as a family. He has flourished tremendously into an amazing individual. His birth mother, birth father…
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Jennifer and Randy Voss
Adoption has always been a part of my life as I am an adoptee. The only thing that bothered me was not knowing my birth story. When we decided to adopt that was one stipulation I myself had. I wanted to have the medical history along with a story I could tell my daughter when she asks questions.
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Molly Iten
When the phone rang at 3:31 on October 2, 2006 I was involved in a team meeting at work. I remember walking to the phone, wondering whom Kathy was and hoping the call would be quick! When I picked up the phone Kathy introduced herself as a member of Adoption STAR and then said, “We found your baby.”
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Amy Jo
We were unable to conceive and, weighing several options and longing for a child, we turned to adoption. We attended a seminar at another agency where we met an attorney who referred us to Adoption STAR. One of my sisters has two children, both with open adoptions and we wished for a similar…
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Sarah Bennett
Ever since I was a little girl the Lord put the desire to adopt in my heart. Ryan and I both felt that it was time to start the adoption process in the spring of 2008. After a few weeks of research without knowing Ryan and I found Adoption Star separately on the same day. I found them online and…
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Nancy and Joe
After many years of trying to become a family we decided to look into adopting. It is almost 6yrs ago that a precious little angel came home with us. The time has gone by so fast.
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The happiest day of our lives was the day we brought home our son Christian.

We had been dealing with infertility and deciding what avenue to take. We knew we were meant to be parents. We researched agencies over a period of time and Adoption Star just seemed to jump out at us.
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Greg and Robyn Altman

Simply put, adoption has allowed us to complete the family we always dreamed of having.

Ours is a story of fate, love and destiny. Our first meeting took place when we were in second grade. We grew up exactly one block from each other…
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Alison and Jason
We have always known we wanted children. After years of struggling with infertility treatments, we joyfully decided to shift our efforts towards adopting.

We heard about Adoption STAR through a friend and were immediately impressed with the type of agency STAR is. We quickly registered…
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Dianna and Mike
It is hard to imagine that it will be 5 years ago is just a few short weeks that our family was complete. After many years of unsuccessful attempts to become parents Adoption STAR made our dreams a reality.

There are no words to explain the feeling you have when you hear you have been…
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Melissa Brinkman
We always wanted more than one child, but it wasn’t in the stars to have more than one biological child. We have a wonderful son named Andrew who always wanted a sibling. We had talked about adoption here and there but never too seriously. One day I opened the phone book and Adoption STAR was…
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Nicole and Tom Missel
One beautiful summer day, I received a phone call from my mother, telling me that my cousin was pregnant. My cousin is deaf and has other special needs. She did not want to be pregnant and did not feel she was ready to parent. My aunt was very upset and called my mother to ask if my husband and I…
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Linda Groat
I Felt Her Calling Me From China

I couldn’t explain it more than that. People asked me “Why China? Why not a baby from around here?” I always answered, “Because my baby is Chinese”.

In our late 30’s, Eric and I were unsure about the size of our family. We had two biological kids…
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Michelle Lasure
Most of our extended family was in town to celebrate the 70th birthday of my father-in-law, and the 95th birthday of my Grandmother-in-law. David’s sister and her husband were at our house, since we had all taken off work (Monday) to spend some time together.
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Justina Bush
It has been over two year since I adopted my daughter, Jayla Elizabeth. And what a wonderful time it has been.

When people hear you are going to become a parent, a lot of advice and input is given. One being; how busy you will be. When you hear it, you know it’s true but you do not know…
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Cindy and Fred
The happiest day of our lives was the day our daughter came into our lives.

We had been dealing with infertility for several years before we decided to adopt. It took a total of 9 years counting the many years of infertility that we waited to be parents. As our minister said, it was the longest…
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Jodi and Barry Latner
My Mom always says that things happen for a reason but I never quite believed that until April 16,2007. Just a day and a half earlier we had received a call from our Adoption STAR Family Advocate asking what we were doing that day, and if we could come and pick up our son!
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JoAnne Miller
My husband and I profiled for many babies and were not chosen over a period of 3 months. Michele called me one day and said “I think the problem is with your profile. I want you to redo it.” I did so immediately. Three weeks later we received a call about a child whom we were unsure we wanted to pro…
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Susan Reardon
Our family was born on June 29th 2003 when a two day old 6 lb 9 oz little girl, our daughter, was placed in our arms. It’s as if our whole lives had been spent preparing for that very day. And four and half years later, our family was expanded and enriched with the arrival of our beautiful son.
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