Introduction to the Waiting Child Newsletter

Our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery introduces our all new Waiting Child Newsletter. In addition to our monthly agency wide eNews (to see this month’s edition, click here), Adoption STAR has launched a new newsletter which is focused exclusively on International Adoption and will include a list of children waiting for their forever families. To see the first issue, click here. Every day there are many children living in orphanages or foster homes whose adoption … Read More

What to Expect #4: Developmental vs. Chronological age

By Our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery It is common for children who have been adopted (in particular at an older age and through International Adoption) to display a developmental age different from their chronological age. A child’s chronological age is their age based on their date of birth. Their developmental age is the age at which they function emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially. A child may be five years old at the time of … Read More

Key Points in Contemporary Adoption Practices

Adoption Expert Peter C. Winkler, LMSW continues to share his expertise in Adoption. He has written regularly for on the subject of adoption. This is part 2 of 2-part blog post. Here, he addresses key points concerning contemporary adoption practices. Please feel free to ask questions on the comment box. He will answer assuredly. To read part one, click here Following my retirement from the State, I also started working on international adoptions in … Read More

Is International Adoption for You?

Adoption STAR’s Intern writes about her parent’s decision to adopt internationally and about Adoption STAR’s upcoming workshop – Is International Adoption for you? Tuesday April 2nd, 2013 from 6:00-8:00 pm As an international adoptee I would say that choosing international or domestic adoption is one made from the heart, there is no wrong choice, there is the right choice for your family. My parents decided international due to a-million-and-one reasons: love of another Chilean little … Read More

From Bulgaria ~ Looking for a Forever Family

From our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery on a Bulgarian boy named Drake. Bulgaria has many children waiting to have that forever family, that connection of love, and we at STAR are committed to helping to make that happen! Drake will soon be 5 years old. For the last 5 years, since he was about one month old, his home has been an orphanage near Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. Drake has some unique physical features due … Read More