Single Father Adoption

In the adoption world, it is not uncommon to see single women looking to adopt, but what about single men? Until recently we had never had single male clients at Adoption STAR, but that has changed in the last few months, and it does not seem to be just a “blip on the radar.”

According to this recent article by Good Morning America more single men around the country are looking into adoption. According to the article, “The National Adoption Center says that one-third of its adoptions are by single parents, and while most are women, the number of men adopting solo is growing.”

The article goes on to share that single men looking to adopt is a positive trend. “People used to think that being placed with a two-parent family was the ideal, that this was the only way,” says Gloria Hochman, director of communications for the National Adoption Center. “It was mother, father, boy, girl, picket fence and so forth. The image of a family has changed dramatically.”

The article specifically deals with single men adopting older children domestically, and while Adoption STAR deals primarily with infant adoptions, we are intrigued by this trend. The more loving, caring, responsible people looking into adoption the better!

What are your thoughts on single parent adoption, and specifically single men looking to adopt?