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Adoption STAR is an agency known for its work within the community, as an education provider, adoption service provider, volunteer and non-profit donator.

Adoption STAR enjoys collaborating with other businesses, organizations, schools and individuals to provide the very best for children and their families.

Adoption STAR hosts many meetings involving community members to share information between each other to continually improve practices related to adoption education.

Questions to consider:

  • Do you have a last minute referral? Are you in need of adoption assistance?
  • Do you wish to arrange an adoption training? Are you aware of a baby in need of a permanent home?

Making a Referral

The agency accepts referrals of pregnant clients as well as those who have already given birth. Just telephone Adoption STAR and give us as much information on the potential client as you possibly can. We can arrange to talk to the client or they may call us themselves. Please feel free to provide them with our contact information including the toll free number: 1.866.691.3300 or with our email.

We respond immediately to all referrals, including those received in the evenings and on weekends.

Health Care Providers

Adoption STAR is out in the community routinely providing adoption-related presentations to all kinds of audiences, including public health departments, hospitals, medical groups, medical clinics, community health centers, and the like. We’d happily arrange for an in-service, training, or presentation for any interested health care professionals (and we certainly can abide by nearly any time frame, be it a 30 minute training or a full day’s worth of training). We can work to tailor a presentation to meet your needs should you have any specific topics of interest, areas of concern, etc. We’d happily come to you to deliver this kind of a presentation, all at no charge.

Please call us toll free at 1.866.691.3300 if you’d like to talk to someone about setting up an Adoption STAR educational offering, or email us.

I appreciate the time you spent helping on the recent case. I don’t know what I would have done without your assistance.

-Debi, Hospital Social Worker

There is probably no one else in the community with more dedication, passion and experience dealing with the adoption of children.

-Daniel I. Rifkin, MD

Contact us to learn how you can get more involved.

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FAQs – Community Professionals

No. The agency accepts referrals even at the time of birth and delivery, and after. The birth parent(s) will receive the same options and services that all birth parents are able to receive.

Yes! We are able to identify families of all races and backgrounds and families for children of all races and backgrounds.

Yes. The agency is able to find permanent adoptive families for ALL children referred, including children born premature, drug or alcohol exposed, and with physical and/or cognitive delays.

Yes. We will ask birth parents to be honest with their drug and/or alcohol usage so we can best identify an adoptive family to be meet the potential needs of a child pre-natally exposed to drugs and/or alcohol.