Adoption Training

Adoption STAR provides training opportunities throughout New York State, Florida and Ohio. If you desire to arrange an in-service, adoption education class or educational program, or wish to request Adoption STAR to set up a training specifically for you or your organization, please call us or email us at

As a Hague Accredited agency, Adoption STAR provides the mandatory pre-adoption education training for international adoptive parent clients.

Adoption STAR believes education is necessary before making a decision to adopt a child and before deciding what type of adoption to pursue. It is just as important for expectant parents to receive the education necessary before making a decision to place a child for adoption.

It has been clearly established by the professional adoption community that there is a need for education before an adoption takes place. The educational process reduces the likelihood of adoption disruption or dissolution.

Once a prospective adoptive parent becomes a client of the agency, they will be provided with an Adoptive Parent Education Manual. This manual was created out of a passion for educating others about adoption. Adoption STAR is an agency with one of the highest educational standards. It is a leading agency with educational requirements of 40 credits. Clients will receive a comprehensive list on how to obtain at least 40 credits in their journey to adopt.

While education begins pre-adoption, it is important for all of the agency’s clients to know that post adoption education is as important. Those educated about adoption will tell you that adoption is a life long process. This phrase is frequently repeated by Adoption STAR staff and is a long held belief of Adoption STAR In fact, Adoption STAR’s educational curriculum is entitled Adoption is a Life Long Process.

Education is the key to enlightenment. Enlightenment brings about change. Why Adoption Education? The answers are numerous:

  • Adoption STAR wants you to learn and experience as much as you can before, during, and after your adoption so that you may be provided with the greatest possibility of becoming a strong, healthy and successful adoptive family.
  • Countless years of experience by adoptive families and adoption professionals as well as the decades of results from dozens of research studies related to adoption recommends pre adoption education as a necessary component.
  • The educational process actually assists and supports prospective families during the often challenging waiting time prior to child placement.
  • Adoption is a subject that is widely misunderstood without adoption education.
  • There are many adoption myths that need to be dispelled.
  • There are many adoption options that should be explored.
  • Adoption terminology needs to be taught as there are many new words to be understood.
  • Adoption experiences cause a great many emotional responses and education will help prospective parents to be better prepared for them.
  • Adoption laws are difficult to understand, yet must be understood by all parties involved.
  • Adoptive parents should learn about birth families whether they are exploring a domestic or international adoption.
  • Post adoption contact (open adoption) is an important avenue to explore, benefiting all members of the adoption triad.
  • Section 96.48 of the Hague Convention on International Adoption requires adoption education, both for prospective adoptive families and for adoption staff. Although a minimum of 10 training hours is cited, most experienced agencies have a minimum of at least 20 hours to cover all of the topics required by the Convention Standards, as cited by the Joint Council on International Children’s Services.
  • There are many issues surrounding adopting and raising a child.
  • There is a great deal of paperwork involved in adoption from the home study to the placement that needs to be understood.
  • Networking and meeting with other adoptive families is an important part of the process.
  • Parents need information that will strengthen their families, and enable them to handle the challenges of adoptive parenthood.
  • The more you know, the more successful you are!
  • Adoption is a beautiful way to build a family and one does a disservice to it, if one is not fully educated and knowledgeable about it.
  • By learning about adoption one will be able to share their knowledge with others.
  • Adoption education is fun!