There is an overwhelming amount of information available about adoption. With the Internet alone, adoption materials can overload anyone. The Adoption STAR staff would be happy to weed through material with you, identify specific resources that may be beneficial for you and discuss research and information with you.



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Support Groups

Adoption STAR’s support groups provide a nice blend of counseling, education and social support. It is no uncommon to find the groups getting together for a meal, arranging a speaker, discussing a sensitive topic, or planning an event.

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Adoption Registries

For information on other adoption registries throughout the state, please contact Adoption STAR directly.

Additional Resources (Downloadable PDFs)

Pre-Placement Information

Preparing for Parenthood: Infant and Child Care

Tapestry Books

The premier book website for adoption classics and for cutting edge information on adoption and related issues.

Tapestry Books is an online bookstore and resource website that is dedicated solely to adoption and adoption-related information. Books listed on Tapestry Books cover a wide range of topics including Open Adoption, Infertility, Transracial Adoption, Adoption Children’s Books, International Adoption, Books for Birthparents, Choosing Adoption, and many more. In addition to books, Tapestry Books also offers informational free resources such as Adoption Videos and CD’s, articles written by adoption authors, and Expert Viewpoints.
All of this information is easily available at

Free E-book

Wisdom and Advice From Adoptive Parents – Over the years, Adoption STAR has collected the writings of many of our clients during various stages of their adoption journey … words from prospective adoptive parents, adoptive moms and dads and birth parents too and have compiled an E-Book called, Adoption Stories, Poems & Advice.

In-House Library

Adoption STAR has developed a resource library on adoption and related topics and is open for you to take the time to browse and borrow. Below is a sampling of some of the wonderful books featured in our library. All books listed below are available on Tapestry Books. Links will take you to learn more about each book. Enjoy!

Adoption Parenting, Jean McLeod and Sheena Macrae, 2006; It’s the ‘What to Expect’ for adoptive families! Over 100 contributors have woven a stunning tapestry of advice for adoptive parents. Learn More

Dear Birthmother, Thank You for Our Baby, Kathleen Silbur and
Phyllis Speedlin, Corona Publishing Co., 1983; one of the classic books on adoption, contains a collection of letters between birth
and adoptive parents and advocates for openness. Learn More

The Complete Book of International Adoption, Dawn Davenport, 2006; From the initial decision- Is adoption right for you? Through returning home with your child- How can you ease the transition? This book takes parents step by step through the entire process of adopting a child from another country. Learn More

Cross-Cultural Adoption, Amy Couglin and Caryn Abramowitz, 2004; This book has simple clear answers for the questions both adults and kids have about adoption. Learn More

The Open Adoption Experience, Lois Ruskai Melina and Sharon Kaplan Roszia, 1993; A reassuring guide to the issues and concerns of adoptive and birth families through all stages of the open adoption relationship. Learn More

Shattered Dreams, Lonely Choices, Birthparents of Babies With Disabilities Talk About Adoption, Joanne Finnegan, Bergin and Garvey, 1993; explores options for parents with children with special needs.Learn More

Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born, Jamie Lee Curtis, 1996; A little girl enjoys a cherished tale about her adoption that she knows by heart. Recommended for ages 2 – 8.Learn More

If you are in need of adoption resources please Contact Us.