The National Health Emergency YOU Can Help Fight


On Thursday, October 26th, President Trump declared the Opioid Epidemic a National Health Emergency.

The thing is, this National Health Emergency is hitting us very close to home. It’s fueled a foster care crisis that needs immediate attention.

According to the Buffalo News, “The number of children separated from their parents due to threat of imminent harm exceeded 2,000 last year, more than anytime this decade.”

More than 2,000 children…

Let that sink in for a moment.

2,000 children.

The victim is the children

Erie County Family Court Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin says, “The victim [of the opioid epidemic] is not just the parents. The victim is the children.”

And she’s right.

This “National health emergency” is leaving thousands of children separated from their parents, their siblings and, in many cases, from their communities.

While there is certainly a rising movement within the community to provide more resources and support for these children, it’s just not enough.

Far too many children are separated from their siblings or moved from home to home without any consistency or stability.

Far too many children are scared, and traumatized.

Far too many children don’t have a bed to call their own.

But if that isn’t horrible enough, many of these children are removed from the Buffalo area entirely.

The Buffalo News recently reported that there are more than 280 foster children have been sent to live outside of Erie County due to the fact that there are not enough homes for them locally.

Some children are sent as far as Rochester, Jamestown, among several other locations beyond the borders of Erie County since there are not enough local homes for them.

There are even children who are sent to live in institutional facilities because of the foster home shortage.

It’s really more than a National Health Emergency – It’s a crisis and it’s right here at home.

One child without a home is a tragedy. But there really is no word to describe 2,000 displaced children.

For many of these children, they may not be able to go return home to their birth families due to this crisis causing addiction and death.

Because of this, more people need to step up and become foster parents and adoptive parents.

The Opioid epidemic has sent waves of children out of their homes, and it’s the community’s responsibility to take them in, embrace them, and give them a home.

It’s time to step up, get training, and consider parenting an older child in need.

Children in our own communities are hurting and are in need of a loving family.

If you have ever considered adoption, now is the time to come forward.

If you are interested in adopting, but do not like the idea of having to return a child to the foster care system, Adoption STAR can help.

We only offer adoption services, not temporary placements, for waiting children in the foster care system.

Contact our dedicated team of adoption professionals to learn more about providing a permanent home for children of our community and our country who are in need.

It’s time to take action

How often do we ignore or are unable to see the challenges that our own community faces?

Horrible things happen all over the world to people- to parents and to children, the most vulnerable.

The opioid epidemic is a tragedy, but what it’s doing to our neighborhood children is something that we have control over.

Let’s stop the silence and do what we can to help those in need right here in our own community.

Adoption STAR’s main mission within the community is to provide Support, Training, Advocacy, and Resources regarding child welfare and placement.

Here’s how you can participate:

Support – you can join us in helping to support the children in our community by learning more about adoption from foster care.

Training – Adoption STAR can educate you and others on adopting a child in care through our unique A-OK Program’s older child adoption training.

Advocacy- you can join us in advocating for children in foster care by sharing this post with your friends and family.


Resources- help us to be a resource for the children in care, if it’s not through adoption there are other ways to provide resources to children in need – just ask us how.

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