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If you are pregnant, you may have a lot of conflicting thoughts running through your mind. You may feel nervous, excited, scared, brave, joyful, depressed, confused along with a long list of other emotions. Adoption STAR is here to educate you about all of your options, including help with parenting your child as well as creating an adoption plan.

An adoption plan is a thoughtful process done through love so your child can live the life you wish for him or her. Adoption STAR provides the option of open adoption, which will give you the opportunity to choose a family perfect for your child, visit your child and his/her family, receive photos and letters, and be a part of your child’s life, if you choose.

By making an adoption plan you will also be entitled to financial assistance with medical costs as well as possible assistance with rent, utilities, food, maternity clothes and other essentials.

You may also request a FREE information packet by calling us directly, toll free, at 1-866-691-3300 or 716-639-3900; or by emailing Adoption STAR.

Is Adoption for Me?

Take this short quiz created to help you think about your pregnancy and the planning that goes into providing a healthy home for your baby.

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What Should I Consider?

What type of adoption would you like? There are so many adoption options available to you.

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Birth Mother Stories

Read stories written by birth mothers who worked with Adoption STAR

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You may also request a FREE information packet by calling toll free, at 1-866-691-3300 or 716-639-3900; or email us. Thank you for your interest in Adoption STAR.

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