The Baby’s Father May Not Agree With An Adoption Plan

One of the most common questions about adoption is, “What if the father of the baby does not agree with the adoption?” Though this is a common question, it may surprise you to learn that often birth fathers do agree with an adoption plan and those who don’t tend to give that impression because they do not wish to be involved.

The father of the baby may also simply not understand the adoption process. Adoption STAR is able to help educate him about the process and if he desires, will be able to explain how he can participate as well.

The laws on birth parent rights, especially related to birth fathers, vary from state to state. Our staff can provide you with information regarding the adoption laws in your state.

You may also request more information by calling us directly, toll free, at 1-866-691-3300 or 716-639-3900; or by emailing Adoption STAR.