Be Aware of Mental Health Issues

It is not uncommon that an unexpected pregnancy will lead to or increase mental health issues. Depression and anxiety are two common concerns that can often be experienced when faced with a significant life decision. Increased mental health concerns can also lead to use of substances to manage overwhelming and/or scary feelings.

Typical signs of depression are: feelings of sadness, tearfulness, hopelessness; loss of interest: sleep and appetite changes: lack of energy: issues with concentration and decision making: unexplained physical problems: thoughts of self harm or suicide.

Typical signs of anxiety are: feeling nervous, restless or tense: increased heart rate; sense of panic; rapid breathing, sweating; feeling weak or tired; having trouble sleeping; physical problems; feeling out of control.

Having an awareness of the possibility of increased mental health issues and risk of substance use can help to allow you to identify what is normal for you and what is not. Adoption STAR can help you to manage these issues and to make appropriate referrals for services. Identifying and having support are critical in terms of being able to make the best possible decision for you and your baby and will lead to better outcomes for everyone.

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