Stretch marks are shiny streaks in the skin that usually appear on the abdomen, breasts, thighs, hips or buttocks. It is caused by the stretching and weakening of elastic tissues and is a common result of pregnancy.

How can I tell if I’ll get stretch marks?
It’s hard to predict. At least half of pregnant women get stretch marks, but no one really knows why some get them and others don’t. Research suggests that genetics plays a role: If your mother or sister got stretch marks during pregnancy, you’re more likely to. Skin is very elastic. It is amazing how much the skin can handle pregnancy growth or weight gain and weight loss. The bottom line is that whether or not you get stretch marks also depends on how much and how quickly your skin has to expand during your pregnancy. Your chances of getting stretch marks remarkably increases if you gain a great deal of weight quickly, if you are carrying twins, if your baby is very big.

What can I do to prevent stretch marks?
There isn’t much you can do to prevent stretch marks. Of course gaining no more than the recommended amount of weight and gaining it slowly may reduce your chances. The advertisements say that they have the special creams to prevent stretch marks but there is no proof that any of these products actually work.

Do stretch marks ever go away?
As time passes stretch marks usually become considerably less noticeable. The pigmentation fades and they generally become lighter.