Infertility and Adoption

Considering adoption is not always a first step for people. It may be best to first consider whether or not to continue trying to get pregnant or whether or not to continue fertility treatments.

Below is a self-assessment tool that may assist you with this exploration. After this quiz, you may wish to take a second one related to adoption readiness (found at the end of the quiz below.)

As you contemplate adoption, it is important to know that adoption may cure childlessness but it doesn’t cure infertility. The questionnaire below may help you see that you are ready or not ready to consider adoption at this time.

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Partner Questionnaire: Are You Ready To Consider Adoption?

The goal of this questionnaire is to help you (and your partner) identify, clarify and discuss your feelings about adopting. If you have a partner, complete the assessment separately, then share and discuss your answers allowing each person to freely express their responses.

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