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For many families, the adoption process as a whole can be incredibly exciting and also somewhat overwhelming. There’s paperwork to do, meetings to attend, research to conduct, questions to consider. When it comes time to put together a profile book, it can be hard to know where or how to start. Profile Solutions offers Adoption STAR families the option to work with a professional graphic designer, taking the stress out of the process and providing the family with a beautiful, custom profile book.

Our designer, Alyssa Howe, attended Cansius College and graduated with a degree in Digital Media Arts. She has been a graphic designer and art director for over 13 years, working in corporate in-house advertising agencies and freelancing for individuals and organizations across industries.

Alyssa and her husband adopted their daughter through STAR in 2006. As an adoptive mom herself, she has an intimate understanding of all facets of adoption, and can offer unique insight and guidance throughout the creation of your custom profile book.

What does the fee include?

  • 20 hours of design time
  • 3 sets of revisions
  • Unlimited consultation time via phone and email
  • 1 digital profile copy for emailing purposes
  • 5 high quality, 12 page profile books, professionally printed

Additional pages, printed copies and design time is available at an hourly rate. Inquire for more information.

What do we need to supply?

  • 50-100 digital photos with good resolution (preferably over 220dpi) and labeled appropriately
  • Text in the form of a traditional “Dear Birthmother” letter or broken up into chunks to correspond with your photos

How does the process work?

Most families are ready to tackle their profile book as they near the end of the Homestudy Process. At that point, you would register with Profile Solutions. You then provide photos and text, as well as some insight into your personal style preferences. All of your files can be submitted to Alyssa via a Google Drive or Dropbox folder. At that point, Alyssa will start the creative process and put together a digital proof for your review. Revisions can be made as needed, and consultation is always provided throughout the process.

How long does it take?

You can expect a digital proof of your profile book within 14 days of submitting all of your photos and text to Alyssa. Once the file has been revised as needed and approved, a digital copy is immediately sent to your Family Advocate. It will also be submitted to the printer for production. Printing turnaround is approximately 7-10 days.

Photography Option

Want to enhance your profile? Alyssa can provide professional photography services. Photos can be done at your home or a location of your choice, and can include you, your family, your house and your pets. Inquire for more information!

How do we get started with Profile Solutions?

Contact your Adoption STAR Family Advocate or Alyssa by filling out the form below!

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