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The adoption process can often be confusing and frustrating. Adoption STAR offers support, knowledge, assistance, and most importantly, personalized attention, to make this process easier. Clients of Adoption STAR are pleasantly surprised that the adoption journey is one filled with education, individual choices and compassion. Adoption STAR’s international programs are open to residents of New York State, Ohio and Florida. Adoptive couples or singles who wish to adopt domestically with Adoption STAR are eligible if they reside in New York State, Florida, or Ohio. Adoption STAR is also Connecticut and Illinois Approved. In addition, each year a a few applicants outside of these areas are considered for the domestic program. Adoptive parents may be married couples, unmarried couples or single. Adoptive parents must be responsible, stable and caring adults who love children and desire to build their family by way of adoption.

Domestic Versus International Adoption – What is the Difference?


The cost between international and domestic adoption can be similar or vary greatly depending upon the country you choose to adopt from within international adoption and which domestic program you ultimately choose. It is a misconception that there is a large difference between the costs for an international adoption versus a domestic adoption. Both international and domestic adoptions have their own unique costs involved. Some of the vast differences include costs for a visa and other immigration documents and the cost of traveling overseas, both common costs within an international adoption. While within a domestic adoption you may have expenses such as birth parent living expenses, which would be rare to see in an international adoption. The domestic adoption of an older child from foster care may cost very little.

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