Meet Waiting Adoptive Parents

It is important to Adoption STAR that you identify a family that best meet the qualifications, preferences and characteristics you are looking for. Please know that in addition to the profiles on this site, the agency can provide you with many additional profiles of waiting adoptive parents. You are encouraged to share with us your dream of your “perfect” family. We want you to select the family that you are most comfortable with. Through communication with waiting families, you can establish relationships and become better acquainted giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision. All profiles on this site are of families who have been approved to adopt and have a current adoption home study. If you are interested, please email us or call toll free: 1-866-691-3300 and let us know!

Marvin and Vaughn

Along with lots of love and laughter, we’ll show the baby all the diversity, uniqueness and fun that New York City has to offer.

Gina & Lisa

Our home is filled with love, laughter, and kindness. We hope to share that with a child who will experience all of the love and support necessary to soar.

Jonna and Rosario

We come from a family who has adopted and we experienced the wonderful joy adoption has brought to them. We can’t wait to share in that same wonderful joy.

Karin and Jerry

They say that “opposites attract” and that is how we are. Karin tends to be more of the serious one and structured and Jerry is more laid back and goes with the flow.

Andy and Brian

It is our dream to raise a child with a strong sense of self-worth and respect for others, who will feel loved and supported.

Joe + Stacey

We promise to provide a loving, safe and supportive home for a child to grow into the best person they can be.

Nick & Lacey

As parents we are committed to raising a child that is kind, compassionate and resilient. Our family will provide unconditional love, support, adventure and laughter.

Bonnie & Brian

We got married in 2010, and currently have one daughter whom we have a ton of fun with. We often visit parks and playgrounds, and we would love to share our lives with a new baby.

Christine & Wayne

We will provide a safe loving home filled with laughter!

Danny & Justin

We knew from the start of our relationship we wanted to start a family! We could not ask for anything more than to share this love with our child!

Andy & Pro

Thank you for looking at our profile. We’re a happily
married couple of 22 years that's looking forward to
being parents and giving our child unconditional love.

Adam and Torrie

We are a happily married couple who live in a rural community in Northern New York and are excited to be starting our family!

Grace and Rosario

We think that our greatest responsibility as parents is to ensure and promise to give your child a future filled
with unconditional love, care and filled with fun.

Recent Families Who’ve Adopted!

Liz & Scot – ADOPTED!!!

Congratulations to Liz and Scot on the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Olivia!!




Lou & James – ADOPTED!!!

It is with great joy that Lou and James welcome home their new daughter!!




Glen & Christine – ADOPTED!!!

Congratulations to Glen and Christine as they welcome home Baby Caroline!!




Dan & Catherine – ADOPTED!!!

Congratulations to Dan and Catherine as they celebrate the birth of new daughter, Emma.




John & Lorraine – ADOPTED!!!

John and Lorraine are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter, Phoebe.