Are You Ready to Adopt a Child?

So you’re considering adoption, but are you ready to adopt? Adoption is an incredibly rewarding, positive experience for both adopted children and their new parents. However the adoption process, to make sure that the adoption is right for both the adoptive parents and the child, can also be lengthy and complicated. Even though you may want to adopt and feel like you’re ready to welcome a new child into your home, choosing to adopt also … Read More

Open Adoption Issues

A recent article wonderfully summarizes key issues for adoptive parents and birth parents to consider when thinking about open adoption. April Dinwoodie, CEO of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, wrote a 4/28/15 piece for the Huffington Post entitled, “6 Key Factors to Consider for an Open Adoption.” As the leader of a nationally respected, adoption-focused organization (not to mention an adult adoptee herself), Dinwoodie’s sage advice and guidance are welcome and appreciated. You can read the … Read More


Beautiful Open Adoption Story from Wisconsin

A Wisconsin-based adoptive family and birth family come together to share the touching story of their open adoption. For many just beginning the adoption process, the concept of open adoption appears to be another complication they would rather not deal with. Many prospective adoptive parents, weary from years of infertility or from home study procedures, often say, “We are not willing to pursue an open adoption.” What can Adoption STAR say to prospective families about … Read More

Seeing Advantages in Open Adoption

A recent news article features great commentary from adoptive parents, a birth mother, and adoption professionals regarding open adoption. An article written by Tracy Frank entitled “Open relationships in adoptions more at the forefront” was published in the 12/29/14 edition of the Grand Forks Herald. You can find a link to the article here: “Open Relationships in Adoptions More in the Forefront” The article brings up some important things to remember and understand, including: Most … Read More


Adoptive Parents Sought for Survey about Open Adoption

Are you a family touched by open adoption? Please consider taking this survey to help scholarly research out of the University of Missouri. Researchers at the University of Missouri are interested in learning more about open adoptions. Specifically, this study hopes to reveal how adoptive parents communicate with and about birth parents in open adoption. Participation in the study will help adoption scholars and practitioners support individuals involved in open adoptions. Results will also be … Read More