Are You Ready to Adopt a Child?

So you’re considering adoption, but are you ready to adopt? Adoption is an incredibly rewarding, positive experience for both adopted children and their new parents. However the adoption process, to make sure that the adoption is right for both the adoptive parents and the child, can also be lengthy and complicated. Even though you may want to adopt and feel like you’re ready to welcome a new child into your home, choosing to adopt also … Read More

The National Health Emergency YOU Can Help Fight

On Thursday, October 26th, President Trump declared the Opioid Epidemic a National Health Emergency. The thing is, this National Health Emergency is hitting us very close to home. It’s fueled a foster care crisis that needs immediate attention. According to the Buffalo News, “The number of children separated from their parents due to threat of imminent harm exceeded 2,000 last year, more than anytime this decade.” More than 2,000 children… Let that sink in for … Read More