How to Overcome Infertility And Prepare for the Adoption Process

Infertility can be difficult to talk about. If you are currently struggling to get pregnant, you and your partner may be feeling frustrated about being unable to create the family you want. You may also be feeling isolated if it seems like others around you aren’t experiencing the same challenges that you’ve faced when trying to start a family. Yet infertility is actually a common problem in the United States – 1 in 8 couples … Read More



Our Media Specialist Lesa Ferguson is working with other staff members to write an ongoing blog series about the process to adoption. This series will focus on the steps. With each step into an adoption journey, prospective adoptive parents often find that they meet up with someone who will, hopefully, help and support them to move forward. In this series, Lesa shares the story of her family’s adoption journey and then the staff member who … Read More


Worst Case Scenario

In today’s post, Adoption STAR client Heather Joseph, reflects on her journey to motherhood. As an adoptive mommy who went through years of infertility (in my previous life!), I am always getting phone calls from friends, strangers, a friend of a cousin who has a neighbor and works with someone that wants some advice…you get the gist. If you have adopted, you understand that we are sometimes the poster people for walking others through the … Read More


Cost Comparisons with Surrogacy and Adoption

There are many options that individuals and couples can consider when they wish to parent. Surrogacy, domestic adoption, international adoption and foster care are all possibilities. There are also very different options with different procedures, journeys and financial costs. ABC News recently blogged about the costs involved in these options. Click here for more information on affording domestic or international adoption. Read More on What is Happening at Adoption STAR: Our Calendar of Events for … Read More