Generous Gift from Elly’s Angels Assists with Placement of Baby Samuel

The holiday season and New Year is a time of reflection, and it is also a time to pay it forward. Adoption STAR is proud of the support we have provided other non-profits and for the work we do in the community. We are also very proud to have developed scholarship opportunities. For many years the Adoption STAR board of directors discussed creating scholarship opportunities for people interested in adoption as well as individuals personally … Read More


prime Day!

Please remember Adoption STAR if you’re an Amazon Prime member that’s shopping today. Amazon’s second-annual Prime Day is on July 12th (TODAY), and will feature more than 100,000 deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members, making it one of the biggest on-line shopping days of the year. We wanted to remind all Adoption STAR supporters to shop at and Amazon will make a donation to our agency! Here’s a message from Amazon (and a link … Read More

The Family Tree

Anyone that’s visited our main office in Amherst, New York is familiar with the stunning Family Tree sculpture that graces the main wall of our lobby. Made of various beautifully colored metals, the Family Tree is an incredible piece of art…but it’s much more than that! The Family Tree gives Adoption STAR’s supporters the ability to create a lasting tribute that visually conveys how adoption begins with roots and expands through many branches. Please consider … Read More

Remembering (and Supporting) Adoption STAR

This month’s upcoming Spring It On campaign is a great opportunity to help fund the important work of Adoption STAR. Adoption STAR turns 16 years old this year, and in that time we’ve placed over 800 children with their “forever families.” The work involved in making these placements has taken an incredible amount of time, energy, and effort on the part of many, many different people. The work involved with these placements has touched thousands … Read More

Holiday Generosity

A Western New York-based school’s efforts will help Adoption STAR provide holiday cheer to birth families. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday of this week, Adoption STAR received quite a surprise – over 20 bags of brand new toys and a substantial cash donation! Unbeknownst to us, the student government at the Notre Dame Academy, a Catholic school in South Buffalo, was holding a “12 Days of Christmas” fundraiser/toy drive for Adoption STAR. The … Read More