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SOFIA: Supporting Our Families Interested in Adoption An Adoptive Family Support and Social Group Who is SOFIA? Formerly known as FIA, Families Interested in Adoption, was established in 1973 as an international adoptive family support group. This early group was known to provide support to orphanages and abandoned children worldwide. FIA later evolved to supporting pre and post adoptive families in all types of adoptions. Today, SOFIA has become the adoptive family support group in
Adoption STAR facilitates a class called, “Talking About Adoption.” In this class prospective adoptive parents are challenged to look into the future and identify how they may handle adoption related situations based on the developmental stage of their child.
  Talking about adoption is an overwhelming thought for many prospective adopters, many who have not yet even shared their desire to adopt with some family members, friends or co-workers. So adding the extra piece of how
In 2009, the Western New York community suffered a devastating event: the crash of Continental Flight 3407: 50 lives were lost and our entire community still grieves with those families. It’s remarkable how the families came together to demand government-enforced reforms for airline safety and to also find special ways to remember these loved ones and memorialize their lives. Laura Voigt, sister of the late Elly Kausner, approached Adoption STAR about remembering her dear sister.
Here are 25 ways to deal ways to approach the “ready and waiting” process in the healthiest way. There is so much to learn about adoption and parenting, so embrace this time. 1. Have faith Having faith is having confidence, trust, a conviction, a belief that you will adopt and that the process works. 2. Take adoption classes (not just the required home study classes!) Your agency offers you optional pre-adoption classes as well as