How to Keep Your Marriage Strong While Waiting to Adopt

keeping your marriage strong while waiting to adopt

Marriage – it’s a messy business. Sometimes it comes naturally, other times not so much. Sometimes you feel all the love and warm and fuzzy things, and other times you just need to be alone. Marriage isn’t easy no matter which way you slice it, but adding in the stress of adoption can be a heavy weight to carry for many couples. Days pass by slowly, heavy and complicated emotions ebb and flow, the stress … Read More


What You Need To Know Before You Adopt an Older Child From Foster Care

national foster care month older child adoption

It’s National Foster Care Month, which means that we need to do everything we can to pay MORE notice to the thousands upon thousands of kids who are trapped in the foster care system. In the United States, there are over 400,000 children who are in foster care. The goal of foster care is temporary – if at all possible, children should be returned to their families. But what many people don’t realize is that … Read More

Are You Ready to Adopt a Child?

So you’re considering adoption, but are you ready to adopt? Adoption is an incredibly rewarding, positive experience for both adopted children and their new parents. However the adoption process, to make sure that the adoption is right for both the adoptive parents and the child, can also be lengthy and complicated. Even though you may want to adopt and feel like you’re ready to welcome a new child into your home, choosing to adopt also … Read More

How to Overcome Infertility And Prepare for the Adoption Process

Infertility can be difficult to talk about. If you are currently struggling to get pregnant, you and your partner may be feeling frustrated about being unable to create the family you want. You may also be feeling isolated if it seems like others around you aren’t experiencing the same challenges that you’ve faced when trying to start a family. Yet infertility is actually a common problem in the United States – 1 in 8 couples … Read More


Generous Gift from Elly’s Angels Assists with Placement of Baby Samuel

The holiday season and New Year is a time of reflection, and it is also a time to pay it forward. Adoption STAR is proud of the support we have provided other non-profits and for the work we do in the community. We are also very proud to have developed scholarship opportunities. For many years the Adoption STAR board of directors discussed creating scholarship opportunities for people interested in adoption as well as individuals personally … Read More